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Whether you’re looking to advance your career or start a brand new one, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy a variety of learning opportunities and explore the site to find more information.



I will share all the knowledge and experience with you to be able to perform the most time efficient and high-quality service. With my background in both high-end and fast-paced salons you will have more opportunities to get hired since you will know specifics of both quality-oriented and speed-oriented salons.


What to bring for the courses:

Nothing, I will provide with all the essential tools and products for you to practice with. Also will give recommendations for which products, tools it’s better to invest a good amount of money and for which ones you can save an extra dollar. (I’m an independent nail technician who is not affiliated with any brand that’s why I’ll give you honest recommendations based on 7 year experience)


Models are scouted by me but if you can bring your own model it will give you 50$ discount. You just have to send me a picture of her/his nails beforehand for approval. Make sure she/he doesn’t touch nails and cuticles at least 1 week before the course (ideally 2 weeks). The same rule applies for your nails and cuticle since you’re going to practice on yourself first before doing a model.


Each course consists of one day and is expandable. The main day I give you all the theory, and do mentorship while you practice. You can add extra day or days which are additional 200$/day. You bring your model and I will watch your process, correct you on mistakes and make your work “Instagram ready” (additional days are strongly recommended for gel extensions)


At the end of each course you will get the certificate of completion from me by your request.

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I was born in Russia and moved to Toronto in 2017. My first steps to doing nails I made in 2015 when took my first nail course in Moscow. My first regular manicure took me 2 hours and my first extensions set took me 5 hours and still didn't look nice. I'm sharing that so you don't feel intimidated by quality of my work which took me 7 years to achieve. Everything takes time and don't be hard on yourself. Even though I have to warn you that people find me strict lol. But it's just my character, I'm a perfectionist by nature (you can see looking at my work) that's why I expect the same from students. And for sure if you can satisfy me, you will be able to satisfy the pickiest client. I will support you during the whole process of learning and always feel free to ask any question or ask to focus more on certain area of a service if needed.

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Training Options

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Nail Polish


Course price: 750$
(Model needed)

Duration: 6 hours

Availability: Tue-Sun (starting from 10am)


The nail industry has drastically changed for the last couple of years, dry manicure is getting its popularity over traditional soak-in-water manicure that's why I will teach you both wet and dry manicure so you can satisfy most basic salon needs.


This course is essential for beginners or self-taught nail techs who never were mentored by a professional before. If you trust me, I will help you make your first steps to the nail industry. All I need from you is patience, strong concentration and desire to learn the art of nails. Without those three features it will be hard for you to become a nail technician.

Main focus of this course: bare manicure, regular polish manicure, shellac/gel polish manicure, shellac/gel polish removal.


  • Nail structure


  • Common nail diseases


  • Proper tool sanitization


You will learn:

  • A safe way to remove gel polish

  • Proper nail preparation

  • Filing most common nail shapes and their hybrids


  • Flawless gel polish application





Course price: 850$
(Model needed)

Duration: 6 hours

Availability: Tue-Sun (starting from 10am)

Russian/combi manicure is finally getting the popularity it deserves so it’s better for you to master this service as fast as possible to keep up with the nail industry. Some Hollywood celebrities prefer only this type of manicure. It will also help to increase your prices and stand out from other candidates when applying for a job at a nail salon.

This course is not designed for beginners but for those who have longer than 6 month experience doing nails. Previous experience using e-file is a huge plus but not a requirement.

Main focus of this course: bare e-file/russian manicure, e-file/russian gel manicure, soft gel overlay, gel and shellac removal


  • Skin types and proper bits for each one

  • Products and materials needed to perform Russian style manicure

You will learn:​​

  • How to refill existing gel without removing it completely with rubber base or structure/soft gel.

  • Structure gel application for nail alignment and flawless polish application; “glare check up”

  • “Extreme” gel polish application (we call it “under the cuticle”)


  • A few tips how to remove thick bulky gel/acrylic faster

  • How to correctly build a price list based on time

  • I will help you to take “selling” pictures of your best work to build your nail portfolio



Course price: 950$
(Practice on an artificial hand)

Duration: 8 hours

Availability: Tue-Sun (starting from 10am)


The course that I would recommend you the most. As a nail technician with 3D modeling and architecture background I assure you that clients will fall in love with any shape you make for them. With a thorough approach you can make extensions look natural but thick at the same time. If you think it’s impossible I’ll change your mind by the end of the course. Also it's important to say that clients love getting extensions and gel fills done because they don't have to worry about chipped nail polish, nails peeling and they last much longer than regular manicure. Of course if they're done properly.


If you’re able to work with extensions:

  • You’re not going to sweat when a client asks you to repair one broken nail


  • Clients that get extensions done usually stick to one nail tech (you will build your own clientele faster)


  • After extensions performing regular manicures seems like a piece of cake to you.


  • Your filing movements feel more confident and strong which gives a good impression to a client even if you perform a regular manicure


  • You earn more money because not everyone has skills to work with them and they're in huge demand in Canada that's why you're at a very low risk to stay without clients.



Main focus of this course: full set sculpted gel extensions, gel extensions with plastic tips, gel fills (in additional classes)

You will learn:

  • How to build perfect architecture of a nail


  • How to work with both plastic tips and paper forms to build an extension


  • Techniques how to speed up the process of building hard gel


  • Shaping nails using both hand file and e-file


  • The most efficient ways to make nails last as long as possible




  • How to communicate with a client to make sure you understand the desired shape correctly


  • A few tips how to remove thick bulky gel/acrylic faster


  • How to correctly build a price list based on time


  • I will help you to take “selling” pictures of your best work to build your nail portfolio



Recommendation: This is the only course that I would strongly recommend to extend it since one day is not enough to master most of the common shapes. On the main day we will most likely have enough time only for square and oval. Coffin, almond, stiletto and hybrid shapes I would recommend to perform with my mentorship to make sure all 10 nails end up the same shape, length, architecture and none of them are crooked.​



Course price: 650$
(Practice on plastice tips)

Duration: 6 hours

Availability: Tue-Sun (starting from 10am)

For sure nail art skills will help you to stand out from other nail techs. Sometimes just nail art itself can draw clients to you even if your nail shape is not perfect. Some people just cannot leave a salon with one color so it's better to be prepared for each case scenario.

Main focus of this course: simple nail art, intermediate nail art

You will learn how to do:

  • French nails

  • Color, glitter ombre

  • One color marble

  • Swirls, thin lines

  • Cat eye effect

  • Rhinestone placement and securing

  • Flowers, daisies

  • Sticker placement and securing

  • Any other art you want to practice (unless it goes under advanced nail art category)


  • How to charge for nail art

  • Taking pictures of made nail tips for portfolio



Course price: 750$
(Practice on plastic tips)

Duration: 7 hours

Availability: Tue-Sun (starting from 10am)

This course has been in highest demand from my followers after I started my Instagram page. I can assure you this course will bring you most satisfaction if you can achieve the desired result. Those crazy nails were the main reason why I started my Instagram page. At some point you become tired of routine job at salon everyday and your inner part will want to grow if your passion for nails doesn't burn out. My inner flame has been on so far, thank god, that's why I always feel fulfilled when creating something new and now I'm more than happy to share my knowledge with those who want more out of nails.

This course is strongly recommended for experienced nail techs who have experience more than a year but of course I cannot stop you if your desire to learn is too strong. 

You will learn how to do:

  • Multi-colored marble, watercolor effect

  • Tortoise shell

  • Incapsulated glitter chunks, dried flower

  • Korean Aurora nails (incapsulated piece of foil)

  • “Frosted” tips effect

  • Big rhinestones, charms placement and securing

  • Cartoon character drawing

  • Round ombre (with milky base)

  • 3D modeling

  • Any other kind of nail art by your request


  • How to charge for nail art

  • Taking pictures of made nail tips for portfolio

If you're willing to do advanced nail art on human hands not tips for your nail portfolio, we can arrange an additional day for that and I will be more than happy to help you create some crazy nail art and take pictures of it!

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If you're interested in my courses please fill in the form below and mention if you're planning to bring your own model to get a course discount (mentioned above) which is not applicable to all courses since not all courses require a model.

The day of a course will be reserved as soon as you send a NON-refundable deposit of 200$ which is a requirement to book the course, the rest of the amount you can pay after the course is completed.

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25 The Esplanade (5 mins from Union Station)

📍Toronto, ON, Canada

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